$99.00 AUD

Ayurveda Wellness Coaching (Single 60 min Session)

60min Ayurveda Wellness Coaching call to get started or to follow up on your previous sessions.

Together we will:

Take it slow, this is not a quick fix, nor will it solve your problems, rather it’s a path to inner wellness.

  • Approach five key areas to support healing
  • Bring alignment to your lifestyle practices
  • Add in positive practices
  • Remove habits that reduces life force
  • Amplify rituals and routines to support the the first four koshas ( physical body, energy body, mind & emotions) – Sadhana
  • Lastly, if needed utilise Ayurvedic protocols, herbs and medicinals.

More often than not it’s about what we remove that can make all the difference. Allowing you to find ease, grace and abundance – whilst living a full and happy life.

Ayurveda brings your awareness to your place in life to help you grow and heal, it takes you deep into the subtle realm of who you truly are. Take our free dosha quiz here to learn more.

The path to inner wellness can be truly joyful, yet it does take commitment and time.  

I'm looking forward to serving you.

Edwina x