Free Training Dinacharya - Ayurveda Morning Rituals

Free Ayurveda Morning Rituals for an Elevated Day Webinar

Watch the replay anytime. The session runs for 60mins with Edwina. 

Dinacharya (morning rituals) are the heart of the Ayurvedic lifestyle… they lay the foundations for a healthy & productive day ensuring that the body & mind are nourished and nurtured.

The goal of dinacharya is to support the body, mind and spirit to find balance, to remove built up toxins, (ama), from the body and maintain a healthy agni (digestive fire). According to ayurveda these toxins are the cause of dis-ease. 

In addition to the self-care practices I have found rising with the sun, maintaining a daily spiritual practice and getting to be before 10pm highly beneficial in my energy levels and clarity of mind. 

In this 60 min session we'll cover:

  • What ayurveda is & why it's so magic!
  •  Ayurvedic clock
  • Sadhana 
  • Ushapana (dawn water)
  • Tongue Cleaning
  • Garshana (dry body brushing)
  • Abhyanga (self massage)
  • Nasal washing with a neti pot
  • Eye washing
  • Oil cleansing 

Bonus eBook will be emailed after the session along with the recording.

I can't wait to share this ancient wisdom with a twist for modern women's life! You're going to love it. 

This webinar is completely FREE and is a replay from a live session, so you can  watch in your own time.